Key activity of TESLA Energy Storage je predaj škálovateľných batériových úložísk, v ktorých využívame tie najkvalitnejšie kvapalinou chladené  batériové moduly od spoločnosti CATL.


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BESS (1300kW/1863kWh)

A favorite component of the TESLA Energy Storage portfolio is the BESS with a power of up to 1300 kW and an installed capacity of 1836 kWh. This scalable solution utilizes liquid-cooled battery modules from CATL. The inverter can be varied according to the client's needs. The storage facility offers intelligent monitoring, high performance, and capacity, which are powerful tools for energy independence. Installation and functional tests before handing over the BESS are a matter of course. Availability of spare parts and comprehensive service guarantees comfortable utilization for the client.

BESS Advantages 

  • Experience of our team with the design and installation of BESS in various versions
  • High-quality liquid-cooled technology from the world's top manufacturer CATL
  • The performance of the battery storage is scalable according to the client's requirements.
  • The own local controller helps tailor the system to the customer's needs and integrate an energy manager. EMAN24
  • High-quality container construction is suitable for outdoor use, demanding work environments and conditions
tesla bess
Inštalovaná kapacita  1863 kWh
Inštalovaná kapacita 1863 kWh

AC výstupný výkon 1300 kW
AC výstupný výkon 1300 kW

Technologické kontajnery
Technological Containers


Our experts will provide you more details.

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